Kinesys SPF 50 Sunscreen 30ml


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We make your sunscreen choice easy. Are you looking for sports sunscreen, a sunscreen your kids will love; or do you have sensitive skin? KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen delivers sun protection without impacting performance – during training, a round of golf, a game of tennis or enjoying water-sports. Not so active? That’s okay too! Our hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula is ideal sensitive skin and perfect for everyday use – providing year-round sun protection for all the family. Compact 30ml bottle delivers 170+ sprays. Fits easily in a pocket, running belt/vest, sport bag and cycling jersey. Carry-on compliant. For face and body Clear spray sunscreen dries quickly to a matte, silky finish Oil free formula won`t affect grip Won’t run into eyes and sting No messy rubbing or greasy lotion Alcohol free and Vitamin E enriched nourishes the skin Scent free and hypoallergenic formula is gentle on sensitive skin. Non-Comedogenic, ideal for oily skin Water Resistant & Sweat Resistant (80 min) Bottle size: 11cm H x 3.6cm W x 2.2cm D Best Sport Sunscreen for: Golf, Running, Tennis, Triathlon, Netball, Cycling, Rugby, Equestrian, Volleyball, Soccer, Sailing, SUP, Paddling – however you perform KINeSYS has you covered. Active Ingredients Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane 30 mg/g, Homosalate 75 mg/g, Octocrylene 100 mg/g, Octyl Methoxycinnamate 75 mg/g, Octyl Salicylate 50 mg/g


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